Maybe we can collaborate?

If you like the content posted on this site and are interested in a partnership, I would be thrilled to hear from you. I love to travel and then describe my journeys, and I am open to various forms of cooperation.

Pani Podróżnik - współpraca

As a part of my repertoire, I am pleased to offer the following services:

Original Written Content and Articles – I am happy to write about traveling, people, places I have visited, and the role of sports and physical activity on trips, and I will sculpt everything with an ample dose of travel tips. I am also happy to visit your region and create a guide about it, so if you are responsible for attracting tourists to your city, village, or neighborhood, I can help you.

Location Reviews – Invite me to your hotel, restaurant, tourist attraction, or region, or you might have me along as a participant in a course or tour in your area. I will describe everything and publish it on various portals, so that your target location will be put on the map, and tourists will be chomping at the bit to visit you.

Product Reviews – Do you sell or rent tourist, photographic, electronic or clothing equipment that you would like to test? No problem, I will gladly subject your goods to the toughest attempts. Then I will document everything and advertise your equipment on my established social networks. Keep in mind that I care about my audience, so I will only write the truth.

Presentations – My travels can inspire as well as be a source of knowledge for the general public. I enjoy sharing my experience, both with youngsters and with adults. I have experience in performances at various public and private events. My deep background in the art of presentations has allowed me to know how to cultivate extremely dynamic displays. Currently, I have a portfolio about topics such as Mexico, Southeast Asia, South Africa and Cities of Europe. Soon I will add China. Each presentation can be adapted to the age group or the place where it is performed.

Live Relations – Take a look at my upcoming travel plans and see if you find something there that is of particular interest for you. Perhaps you have a destination in mind that you would like me to check out. Wherever I go, I can report back live from the expedition. Radio, television or internet portals are some of my preferred platforms, and I promise that it will be interesting.

Other –Do you have any other ideas? I’m open to new challenges and I’ll be happy to discuss them with you.


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